Science Education

Experiences, Activities, and Personal Characteristics as Predictors of Engagement in STEM-focused Summer Programs

Out-of-school-time programs for youth that are focused on STEM content are often seen as affording opportuni- ties to increase youth engagement, interest, and knowl- edge in STEM domains, yet we know relatively little about how youth actually …

Getting Messy With Data: Tools and Strategies for Engaging Students in Analyzing and Interpreting Complex Data Surces

An article for practicing science teachers on tools and stragegies for involving students in data analysis.

Beginning three NSF-funded projects

Joshua Rosenberg will be beginning three NSF-funded projects this fall. They are described in this post for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education newsletter.

Profiles of science engagement

Understanding the nature of student engagement in science

Using R with 7th-grade science students

Data science in middle school science classrooms