Data Science Education

Identifying Multiple Learning Spaces Within a Single Teacher-Focused Twitter Hashtag

The existing work on teacher-focused Twitter hashtags typically frames each hashtag as a single, unified phenomenon, thereby collapsing or erasing differences between them (and any resulting implications for learning). In this study, we conceived of …

Making Data Science Count In and For Education

A paper introducing the topic of data science in education.

Using R with 7th-grade science students (highlighted in Flowing Data!)

A blog post on [Using R With 7th-Grade Science Students[(] was recently highlighted in the widely-read data visualization blog Flowing Data. A link to the post is here. This is related to this project.

Getting Messy With Data: Tools and Strategies for Engaging Students in Analyzing and Interpreting Complex Data Surces

An article for practicing science teachers on tools and stragegies for involving students in data analysis.

Beginning three NSF-funded projects

Joshua Rosenberg will be beginning three NSF-funded projects this fall. They are described in this post for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education newsletter.

Advancing Computational Grounded Theory

Advancing computational grounded theory for audiovisual data from STEM classrooms

Data Science in Education Using R

A book about data science in education using R

Policy and networks on Twitter

Exploring how policies impact networks on Twitter and how networks on Twitter may impact policy

Using R with 7th-grade science students

Data science in middle school science classrooms

#tidytuesday Analysis

An analysis of the #tidytuesday community