Policy and networks on Twitter

This work is centered around two ongoing projects.

One is supported by Visiting Faculty Travel Grant Program funding from the Southeastern Conference to collaborate with Annelise Russell and Spencer Greenhalgh at the University of Kentucky around how the broader policy environment may impact state-based Twitter hashtags (see Rosenberg et al., 2016).

A second concerns how the use of the #NGSSchat hashtag may have implications for how the new science standards are taken up and implemented across the United States (see Rosenberg et al., 2019).

A related project with Teya Rutherford aims to understand how individuals’ gender relates to how they interact with others (and are interacted with) as well as how individuals experience being gendered on Twitter.

A collaboration led by Stephen Aguilar explores how beginning mathematics teachers use Twitter (and other social media platforms) to seek out resources.

Joshua M. Rosenberg
Assistant Professor, STEM Education

I am an Assistant Professor of STEM Education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.