Making Data Science Count is an educational research group at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Research Group Members

Joshua M. Rosenberg

Assistant Professor, STEM Education

Alex Lishinski

Postdoctoral Scholar, Computer Science Education

Anthony Schmidt

Ph.D. Student, Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement Ph.D. program

Jennifer Longnecker

Ph.D. Student, Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

Michael Mann

Ph.D. Student, Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

Omiya Sultana

Ph.D. Student, Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

News and Updates

Joshua Rosenberg will be beginning three NSF-funded projects this fall. They are described in this post for the University of …



Advancing Computational Grounded Theory

Advancing computational grounded theory for audiovisual data from STEM classrooms

CS for Appalachia

A Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) for integrating computer science into East Tennessee schools

Data Science in Education Using R

A book about data science in education using R

Policy and networks on Twitter

Exploring how policies impact networks on Twitter and how networks on Twitter may impact policy

Profiles of science engagement

Understanding the nature of student engagement in science

Using R with 7th-grade science students

Data science in middle school science classrooms

#tidytuesday Analysis

An analysis of the #tidytuesday community


Understanding the development of interest in computer science

Recent Publications